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How I play video on Linux

– specifically, Debian

How to back up DVDs to a hard disk

% sudo apt-get install vobcopy libdvd-pkg

You may need to subsequently

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

Then the DVD device must be mounted, for example

sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/<target>

even though you don’t actually need to mention the mount directory when you issue the backup command. To back up to the current directory issue:

vobcopy -m

How to get decent audio balance from surround sound DVDs

If you try to play a DVD with a 6-channel (“5.1”) surround sound audio track from a stereo speaker setup then the audio balance will likely be terrible. Symptoms include too quiet dialogue and speech and too loud music, sound effects and background noise.

I found it very hard to find a decent resolution to this problem, but ultimately the following works well for me. It may be possible to make it work even better by tweaking the parameters.

% mpv --deinterlace=yes \
      --alang=en \
      '-af=pan="stereo|FL=0.707*FC+0.3*FL+0.1*SL+0.1*LFE|FR=0.707*FC+0.3*FR+0.1*SR+0.1*LFE"' \
      --dvd-device=VIDEO_TS/ \