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Will these AI doomers be proved right? Only time will tell (or won’t)!

the more I look at the LLM revolution the more worried I am that we should be counting in months rather than years

Roko Mijic, 2023-04-06

I’ve unfortunately updated towards the singularity happening sooner. ~2030 say.

Roko Mijic, 2023-04-02

we just had a little baby, and I keep asking myself… how old is he even gonna get?

Max Tegmark, 2023-04-18

As bad as climate change is, AI is likely to get us first I think - we may only have 2-5 years (vs 20-50 with climate). We need to slam the brakes on AGI development now.

Greg Colbourn, 2023-04-18

I’m willing to bet we’ll reach 30% unemployment in five years.

TheDag, 2023-04-15

If we go back to things like the bio weapons or cyber [attacks], you can have really very dangerous threats to humans that could kill many humans – not all humans – simply from where we would expect models to be in two years’ time.

Matt Clifford, 2023-06-06

The top scientists at the biggest AI firms believe that they can make artificial intelligence a billion times more powerful than today’s most advanced models, creating “something like a god” within five years

Daniel Colson 2023-08-16


AGI will absolutely be achieved in AT MOST 3 years. Probably less. I guarantee. And it will be able to write any imaginable software faster than the fastest human dev team in the world could, for pennies.

Victor Taelin, 2024-01-17

There is a 4%-20% chance of “straight up catastrophe” during 2024.

– A conclusion from a survey by Edouard Harris

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