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Things I observe in forum comments

Google “X”

There’s a recurring pattern where a commenter will put forth a proposition and then in lieu of providing evidence say “Google ‘X’”.

This seems to be inefficient. It will cost one person’s time (the commenter’s) to search for the best link. It will cost n people’s time for the readers to search for it. The commenter ought to have sufficient faith in the quality of their comment to believe that n >= 1. Therefore it’s of net benefit to the community for the commenter to do the work of searching.

Furthermore, since the commenter is asking the readers to search for something something they are assuming the readers are not already familiar with it. Therefore it is much easier for the commenter to select a high quality reference than for a reader to do so.

For example,

“I disagree.” And then agreeing.

I often observe respondants starting their response with “I disagree” and then writing a comment that in no way contradicts the parent post! I suspect some people just want to be curmudgeonly.

I don’t have an example for this one.